Blood has spilled on every street in York over its 2000 year history.

In a city famous for its ghosts, discover the true dark history of York. Its origins as “The capital of the North” began with the Romans which eventually led to the invasions of The Vikings and the Normans.

Join your costumed guide Mad Alice as she leads visitors on a journey down the winding back streets as she regales you with stories of torture and executions, highwaymen and witches, saints and cats……CATS???

Mad Alice, who reportedly died in 1825, is a figure of local folklore. Was she hanged as a mad woman? Did she poison her husband? Certainly there’s a lane named after her.

Uncover the truth about some of the cities famous characters such as Dick Turpin and Guy Fawkes.

Mad Alice promises a tour like no other. Suitable for all the family, this tour is as entertaining as it is informative. For the first time visitor to York to the local, those that have a few days here to the flying visit, it’s guaranteed that this tour will have you learning at least one fact you never knew about the city as you take a walk to all the city’s historical and blood-thirsty landmarks.